proxmox CT is locked migrate

When I migrate a Proxmox CT (LXC Container) from one node to another node in my homelab clusster, for some reason the migration could not be completed. It keeps giving me error (TASK ERROR: CT is locked (migrate)). I could not start/stop or do anything with that CT, even after I restarted the node.

I ran the “qm unlock” command (qm manages the qemu VMs) on my pve3 node but I got .conf file does not exist. The qm unlock command is to remove a lock manually, also make sure when you run this command, the action which set the lock is no longer running.

# qm unlock

Here is the output on my node.

root@pve3:~# qm unlock 110
Configuration file 'nodes/pve3/qemu-server/110.conf' does not exist

Then I realized qm command is for VMs, while pct command is for CT (LXC Container). To use pct command, is very similar to qm command. PCT is a Tool to manage Linux Containers (LXC) on Proxmox VE.

# pct unlock

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