Nam Huy website is coming back

Nam Huy website is coming back after had been offline for many months due to my mistake on database backup method. Rather running mysqldump command to backup database, I had cronjob backing up the whole mysql’s databases directory. After I upgraded mysql server version and reinstalled mysql server a few times, I could not make mysql server to read those old databases directory.

I do have all databases but with new mysql server installation, old database does not have correct table ID with new mysql. I end up can’t mount old database with new mysql server installation. I have been researching and trying to restore old databases to be working with newer mysql server but no luck so far. And since I’m quite busy with my daytime job, I decided to start over again. I learned my lesson hard way even though I have my backup in many places but I made big mistake on backing up mysql database method.

Let’s start fresh again. Last time I mainly focus on Linux topics, but lately I have not been working with Linux but Windows, troubleshoot networking, and hardware. This time I think I will write just about everything related with technical topics.

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  1. Hi Nam, just discovered your awesome site and rich contents but unable to access until I saw the above reason. A friend suggested you could resolve the issue by doing the following:

    he should install the mysql version that the files were based on.
    then use mysqldump to backup the databases

    with this done, the new backup using mysqldump of the db in the old version mysql reinstalled, the new version of mysql should connect seamlessly.

    Please, try these steps to recover and restore the old posts while you spend time on new stuffs. This will save a lot of stress.

    Please email me should you need clarification on the steps.


  2. Thanks for your suggestion, (was trying that way too) but another problem is, I don’t remember / don’t know which mysql server version I was running on before the whole thing corrupted.

    Is there anyway for me to figure out what version I was running at the time just with the tables itself?

    • Have been a long time I have not about to touch the old database. Followed the link you gave me, not help much but the comments below helped alot. I used dbsake to find out mysql’s version from frm files. I have got to that so far. Now I’m not sure how I rebuild the old database, properly this weekend. Thanks alot 🙂


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