• namhuy

      Thanks for letting me know, I also found out some other misspell mistake, all are updated.

  1. First of all i would like to say thanks for this useful article.

    BTW i have a question. All the time when i restart my VPS i’ll have to run ntp command manually. Then only my server time will be sync with the given time zone. So my question is are there any way to run ntp command automatically when the vps get reboot?

  2. burnedsyn2013

    keep in mind that ntp only affects the system time. The hardware clock on your server will not reflect that. So you want to set it as well so that the correct time is maintained after reboot:

    hwclock –systohc

  3. Thank you for this post, very helpful. surprisingly CentOS does not have a doc for v 6 and up, and they are a bit different than your straight forward steps. Blessings.

    • namhuy

      I think the easiest way is to set ntpdate command to set the host clock automatic update with cron. For the best result I highly recommend you to run ntpdate with daily cron.

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