How to upgrade Linux Mint 14 to Linux Mint 15

I’m upgrading my Linux Mint 14 Nadia box to Linux Mint 15 Olivia, here is how i do, please remember to backup your data before you do anything. backing up is always your friend.

New features in Linux Mint 15

  • Cinnamon (desktop environment) 1.8
  • emo (file manager) 1.8
  • MDM (Mint Display Manager) 1.2

Change the repositories, replace all “precise” with “quantal” and “maya” with “nadia”

Update the system

The installing process will ask you if you want new configuration files, you should choose “Y” to accept the new files. The old configuration files will be stored in the same directory as the new ones. If you are not happy with the new settings, you can restore back to your old configuration files.

Restart the system

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