xfce move top panel to bottom

After switch to xfce, i want to move top xfce panel to the bottom, here is how

Right-click the panel (bar), Panel > Panel Preferences…, uncheck ‘Lock panel’ and drag it to the bottom.
You will have to remove or move out of the way the panel at the bottom (panel 2).


  • Right Click on the Panel
  • Go to Panel > Panel Preferences…
  • Un-Check “Lock panel”
  • Grab the panel by one of the ends. The handles (two vertical dots rows)on the ends.
  • Drag the panel to the bottom.


  1. Doug says

    OMFG thanks for that. A classic case of having to know. Hope they add an option to the panel settings too as that’s where everyone is actually looking for this lol.

    • Michael says

      I agree an option would make so many users happy, I have been looking for the option for days before finding this. Can I have my bandwidth back from all that searching :)

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