add delete and switch user in ubuntu by command lines

First, I want to add a user in Ubuntu, Linux Mint, or any linux distribution. So how to do it?

To add user:
$ sudo adduser <username>

to add password for your user
$ sudo passwd <username>

How can i switch from one user to another one? In this example, i want to switch from one user to another one.

$ su <username>

and type in your password to login

after that, you will be at a ‘$’ prompt. type:

$ bash

to get to a normal prompt.

How can I delete a user?
$ sudo userdel <username>

How can I become root user or super user?
$ su -
$ sudo su


  1. pinadone says

    How to pass from sudo to normal user. I log by default as a root and I want to pass to normal user su pinadone change the user but still as a root.
    Well first I add useer with sudo adduser pinadone

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