How to install GUI on Ubuntu and Linux Mint

You have Ubuntu Server which does not come with a GUI (Graphical User Interface) or desktop environment, you have slow performance problem with your current GUI? Or you simply want to change your current desktop environment to a diffrent one, I will show you how to install GUI on Ubuntu, Ubuntu Server, or any Ubuntu based distributions, and Linux Mint

How to install Gnome on Ubuntu and Linux Mint

By default Gnome and newer unity will come with Ubuntu when you install Ubuntu. But Gnome won’t come with Ubuntu Server, Xubuntu, Or Lubuntu. Gnome (GNU Object Model Environment) is a very popular desktop environment developed by the non-profit GNOME Foundation.

Check if you have Universe and Multiverse repositories enabled.

Sample output from Xubuntu 12.04 which is precise, make sure those line are uncommented, with the correct release name.

  • Ubuntu 10.04 lucid
  • Ubuntu 12.04 precise
  • Ubuntu 12.10 quantal
  • Ubuntu 13.04 raring

After make sure you have enabled Universe and Multiverse repositories in /etc/apt/sources.list we now can install gnome.

ubuntu-desktop package will install full gnome desktop addition softwares like firefox, libreoffice, rhythmbox. If you just want the clean gnome desktop environment without those softwares, you can run this command.

How to install KDE on ubuntu or Linux Mint

Kde (K Desktop Environment) is the second popular desktop environment for linux in my opinion. KDE is similar to gnome that help end user to use their desktop system easier day by day without using the terminal or command line. You can either fresh install Kubuntu, or with any ubuntu based distributions, use these commands to install KDE.

To install KDE on Ubuntu and Linux Mint

kubuntu-desktop included everything for KDE desktop,will come with some baisc softwares like LibreOffice, Kontact, Konversation, Amarok, K3B.

kde-full included everything from kubuntu-desktop, but will come with some extra programs; kde-plasma-desktop (modern desktop environment). Plasma Desktop looks more sleek.

kde-plasma-desktop is the minimum installation required for KDE plus plasma desktop.

How to install Compiz on Ubuntu and Linux Mint

Compiz is a fancy compositing window managers for the X Window System using 3D graphics hardware acceleration. It supports alot of 3D eye candy effects like multi-desktop cube rotates, animations.

To install Compiz on Ubuntu and Linux Mint

To load compiz control manager, go to System -> Preferences -> CompizConfig

How to install Cinnamon on Ubuntu and Linux Mint

Cinnamon is developed by Linux Mint developers, the newest version of Cinnamon is 1.8 as the time I’m writing this article. Cinnamon comes with new File Manager which is called Nemo. Nemo was tweaked in many way that will work alot better with Cinnamon. Nemo also support treeview helps you switch between direction, place faster. Cinnamon developed it’s own screensaver that shows a message before lock screen come up so people can read the message left on the screen while you are away. You can easily control all the settings with new Cinnamon Settings place. There is a software called *spices* (applets, desklets, themes, extentions) in one place.

To install Cinnamon on Ubuntu and Linux Mint

How to install MATE on Ubuntu and Linux Mint

The MATE developers team was pleased to launch the new release of MATE Desktop 1.8 few months ago. There were alot of changes since MATE 1.6. In MATE 1.8 developers modified many packages and libraries with more modern technoligies and fresh look. They also added many more new functions to MATE 1.8 desktop. Caja file manager was improved (sidebar, support for new thumbnailers, caching for wallpapers). MATE 1.8 Panel was also improved (workspace switcher with more option, windows list).

To install MATE on Ubuntu and Linux Mint

To remove MATE

how to install Enlightenment on Ubuntu and Linux Mint

Enlightenment was introduced in 1997 by the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL). The newest version of Enlightenment up to now it E17 1.7.8. Enlightenment is a Window Manager which has full functionality yet light weight.

To install Enlightenment on Ubuntu and Linux Mint

How to install Xfce on Ubuntu and Linux Mint

Xfce is a great desktop environment for Linux Operating System which is very lightweight. Since xfce is being lightweight linux desktop environment, it’s fast and use little system resources while being easy to use.

To install complete Xfce desktop

If you have older version of xfce, you can upgrade to xfce 4.10

ForLXDE installations, you can follow steps from Install GUI on debian 7 wheezy .


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