How to secure Nginx web server

Nam Huy Linux is using Nginx because Nginx is a great lightweight and high performace web server/reverse proxy server. Nginx is the second most popular webserver just after Apache web server, there are many popular sites using Nginx like Wikipedia, … [Read more]

How to upgrade from CentOS 6 to 7

CentOS 7 was released few months ago which I was very excited, but I have been waiting for a while for bugs fixing. Usually when any Linux distro is released, they usually comes with unknow bugs which may break your system. CentOS is always my … [Read more]

Linux file system structure

Linux Operating System and Linux File System are totally different from Microsoft Windows. In Microsoft Windows, you usually see Windows is installed in C:\ drive. In Linux, the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS) defines the structure of file … [Read more]